Tidbury Heights – Bellway Homes

Tidbury Heights, the inaugural collaboration between Mucklow & Harris and Bellway Homes, saw the construction of 231 properties at the site in Fulford Hall Road, Tidbury Green.

Mucklow & Harris provided a full Engineering package including foundations, infrastructure highway, sewers, levels, retaining walls and SUDS features including balancing pond, swales and public open space.

The scheme was challenging due to its rural setting and the need to retain existing drainage ditches, watercourses and tree lines incorporating these into the overall SUDS design for the development working closely with Solihull’s Lead Local Flood Agency (LLFA) drainage engineers creating a new development around and established ecological setting.

The storm water lagoon has provided new homes for numerous different species which allows for increased biodiversity.

Posted on: 23rd December 2020